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​​​​To be with those​​
Who also serve
To help​​ their memory be preserved
To see that sick​ and needy must
Be given treatment
Fair and just

​To educate the public minds
To things we do of other kinds
To make the world a better place
Regardless of colour, creed or race

To strive for peace and friendliness
For understanding and righteousness
And bear respect for all of those
Who lost their lives against our foes


​​​​​​​During the 1914-1918 war years as wounded veterans returned home, women were asked to help with their recovery by visiting hospitals, sending parcels to the hospitalized and to needy families. It was from these dedicated bands of women that the Royal Canadian Legion Ladies’ Auxiliary was started! Today, the Ladies’ Auxiliary is a vital and integral part of the work of the Legion. Major contributors to the day-to-day life of Legion Branches, Ladies’ Auxiliaries provide financial and volunteer support to Legion programs.

The Ladies’ Auxiliary (LA) is a non-profit organization operated separate from The Royal Canadian Legion… but together they thrive. Most, but not all, Legion Branches have Ladies Auxiliaries. For more information on LAs in your area, please contact your Local Branch.


​​​​Membership of the Ladies’ Auxiliary support the aims and objects of The Royal Canadian Legion and their dedicated service enriches the programs and activities of the Branch.

The LA is comprised of mothers, wives, daughters, stepdaughters, nieces, sisters, granddaughters, great granddaughters and widows of Legion members.
​In some Provincial Commands, membership is also open to all women in the community
​that are of age of majority.

Any woman who is eligible for membership in the Legion may choose to become a
 member of the Ladies Auxiliary only, or a member of both organizations.

To join the LA, please contact your Local Branch.

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Maureen Fracas
Very interesting write up about our Ladies Auxiliary ( Please read)

​Recently, while at the branch, I was asked : What do the Ladies Auxiliary of Br 255 do?

     Commands definition : The Ladies’ Auxiliary supports the aims and objects of The Royal Canadian Legion and their dedicated service enriches the programs and activities of the Branch. However , The Ladies Auxiliary of Br 255 are so much more.
I am proud to say that our Ladies Auxiliary are part of the backbone of branch 255.
They have taken a pivotal role in our branches success. If not for them , branch 255 would not be what it is today.

     It is no secret , A mere 5 years ago , our branch almost closed forever. In that very dark period of our branch’s history , our ladies shone like a beacon of light in a vast
darkness. When duty called , our ladies gave their all. They put their hearts and souls into
​this branch along with their funds. If not for the hard work, help and generosity of
our ladies, the branch may very well have closed it’s doors forever .
Our ladies Of Br 255 have worked tirelessly in the kitchen cooking when the branch
had no cooks.

   ​ They kept the kitchen open for outside community events including : comedy nights; open mic nights; university award event; Moggy Cat fundraiser and a belly dancing fundraiser shows. If not for our ladies , our branch would have had to turn all these events away. The ladies also catered a beloved veterans wake , for which I am truly grateful. They also ran the Friday Fish fries, held bake sales and put on monthly pasta nights. They did all this to keep patrons coming into the branch.

     The ladies auxiliary have also hosted many fundraisers and events.
They have prepared many delicious meals and bbqs and have kept the legion full on many Sunday evenings. They also provided the entertainment.

    With the funds they earned from events and fundraisers , the Ladies were able to
donate thousands and thousands of dollars to the branch. They donated funds for :
The new HVAC SYSTEM and ROOF. They bought 3 new toilets, 3 televisions, the High definition projection tv , a heat lamp , fryer thermometer and freezers for the kitchen , a new branch amplifier, pitched in on two stand up tables for the dart room, bought a lot of decor for the branch and much much more. They also funded the supplies and food for the kitchen and kept the bar stocked with supplies ( towels, lemons, limes, etc ) .

    Through the years , They also donated: weeks worth of sandwiches for the poppy
campaigns ; baked goods and cakes for events ; prize moneys for Halloween and ugly Christmas sweater party’s and so much more.

    The Ladies Auxiliary hosted a delicious Vimy ridge dinner where the public was
encouraged to come and meet branch veterans. All of the veterans ate for free.
They donated funds to the quilts of valour , They participated in the poppy campaigns, and sponsored a veteran for the Veterans voices of Canada Flags of Remembrance event. On top of all that, our ladies were able to donate funds to homeless veterans
program, bursaries, youth and education and local charities.

    Our Ladies Have diligently supported veterans, our branch and our local community.
It is truly a commendable job the ladies have done.

    The RIVERSIDE ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 255 would like to thank our Ladies for all that they have done and continue To do in our branch. We are very lucky to have such an exemplary and active auxiliary.

    Our ladies are evidence of the strength we hold when we all gather together for a single purpose. Branch 255 and our auxiliary are an un-defeatble combination , and we hope to continue this symbiotic success indefinitely.

By Debra Thompson / L.A. Secretary