By joining The Royal Canadian Legion you will have the opportunity to make new friends, become involved with your community and to develop and share your leadership skills.
​You will help to perpetuate the Remembrance of those who gave so much for the freedom and prosperity we enjoy today and the proud heritage of this great Canadian organization will be enriched by the enthusiasm, energy and new ideas that you bring to it.

Here are just some of the many benefits membership in
​the Royal Canadian Legion brings:


​​​​​Most branches have recreational facilities and may have licensed lounges.
Members can enjoy a wide variety of social events such as dances, barbeques, entertainment and a host of other special events.


​​​​The Legion has sporting events such as darts, curling, cribbage and golf, with
​competitions ranging from local, provincial to national levels.


​​You can serve your community by assisting with the many Legion programs in support
​of youth, seniors, the disabled and others. The Legion also provides bursaries and scholarships to students from Secondary School to the University level and is the largest single supporter of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. It is also a major supporter of sea,
army and air cadets.


​​​You will have the opportunity to grow within this great organization.
​The Legion needs members who can take on the Leadership challenge.
​If this is where your interest lies you can become involved by serving on the branch executive. ​You may even wish to go to higher levels such as zone, district or provincial.
​You may even aspire to the national level.
​Every Dominion President who has served in this capacity over the past 75 years
​started out as a branch member. You, too, could one day be President
​of the largest community service organization in Canada.

​​As Canada's largest volunteer organization, tremendous intangible benefits are gained through the commitment of members to fulfill the mandate of remembrance, service to the community and our country. Our fallen comrades served in battle, you have "another way
to serve" by joining The Royal Canadian Legion.

​​​Your membership includes a subscription to the Legion Magazine which is published five times a year. It contains articles on various topics including history, current events and general interest stories, as well as keeping members up-to-date on the many and varied Legion activities. It also contains a section dedicated to the recognition of those who
​served their country.


​The Mission of The Royal Canadian Legion is to serve veterans and their dependents, promote Remembrance and act in the service of Canada and its communities.

As well, The Royal Canadian Legion has a strong and continued commitment
​in promoting Canada's contribution to world peace, the protection of Canadian sovereignty and the preservation of national unity.


​​The Royal Canadian Legion, formed in 1926, is a non-profit, membership supported fraternal organization. It originally served as a place of camaraderie, support and advocacy, assisting returning military personnel to ease the transition from war to civilian life.

Since that time the Legion has evolved into one of the foremost and respected community service organizations in Canada. Serving veterans, ex-service personnel and their families, the new military, as well as seniors and youth,
​the Legion significantly contributes to every aspect of community life.

The Royal Canadian Legion also holds the sacred trust of ensuring the tradition of Remembrance is observed by Canadians every year at the 11th hour on the 11th day
of the 11th month. This tradition dates back to the First World War when the guns fell silent, marking the end of military conflict and the Remembrance of those who would never return home. The National Poppy and Remembrance Campaign raise funds for veterans and their families, the new military and others who are disadvantaged.

Our Nation’s values and societal traditions are very much mirrored through the community work supported by The Royal Canadian Legion, past, present and future. It is a vital community organization. It is a community organization which has served the nation well
​in whatever capacity was required for the time.
​And it is a community organization designed to improve the quality of life for all,
​embrace youth leadership and development and enshrine Remembrance into the fabric
​of ​Canadian society.


​​​Colonel E.S. Wigle Branch 255, was founded in 1934.
​The present building was opened, at Wyandotte and Villaire, on June 30th,
1939 and has been added to several times in it's long history.

The origins of the Legion in Riverside date back to the early 1930's when a certain
​Captain B.J. Dunlevy realized the necessity of maintaining the
comradeship formed by
​the men who served in the First World War and mutually looking after their welfare.
​With this in mind he called a meeting at the Riverside Town Hall sometime in 1934 and invited all veterans of the Great War to attend this meeting. After some discussion it was decided ​to call this newly formed association the Riverside War Veterans Association
​and later it was agreed to affiliate with the Empire-wide organization, forming a new
​branch of the Canadian Legion.
​It was interesting to note that while the headquarters were temporarily at the Riverside Town Hall, some of the meetings were  held in the homes of the various members of
​the newly formed branch. In 1935, the Legion moved to it's own home,the former residence of a Mr William Furlong on Riverside Drive.

​The branch continued it's slow but healthy progress, moving to the St. Clair Hotel on
​the shores of the Detroit River. By 1936, the Branch felt the need for club rooms and
​the headquarters were moved to 1533 Ottawa Street (Wyandotte St. today) where it maintained for the next two and one half years. Building lots were purchased, in 1937, between Villaire and St. Louis Avenues on Ottawa Street, and plans were
​for ​the erection of the building we know today.

The Branch, over the years, has participated in all local patriotic events and has supported many youth athletic leagues which are too numerous to mention. Riverside's annual Bantam Hockey Tournament, a three day event held between Christmas and New Years, is sponsored by the Riverside Legion. The Riverside Poppy Fund was well supported and Riverside was known to have collected one -third of the money of all the branches in the Windsor Area.The Legion can well tale pride,
​in its part, ​in the betterment of Riverside.

This information was taken from OUR TOWN A History Of Riverside,
Ontario 1921 - 1966 R.A. Publishing by permission

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Royal Canadian Legion Branch 255 
Picture taken in 2010